We want to make recycling available to every company that wants to become more sustainable. We offer a variety of recycling services in order to accommodate the varied needs of our commercial customers. Review the list below to determine which recycling service is right for your office or facility. You can also contact us for our recommendation.
Cart Service
Balcones provides you with recycling carts. Your staff fills them up with the accepted items. We service the carts on a set schedule that is determined by your volume.
This service is ideal for small offices, buildings with space limitations, companies without a janitorial crew, business who desire a full service recycling program. Monthly cost determined by the number of carts and frequency of service
Dumpster Service
We place a recycling dumpster outside of your building at your dock, in your parking lot or in a designated enclosure. Your staff uses internal recycling containers to collect recycling. The janitorial crew or a designated individual collects the recycling and places it in the dumpster. We service your container on a set schedule determined by your volume.
This service is ideal for small office complexes, strip malls, single-tenant small to midsize warehouses, small to midsize multi-tenant buildings. Monthly cost determined by the number of dumpsters and frequency of service.
Compactor Service
We use a compactor to collect your recyclables. Users of the program will collect recyclables in recycling containers. The janitorial crew or other designated staff will place the recyclables inside and will compact them when necessary. We will train your staff to read the pressure gauge to let us know when the compactor is full. We typically service compactors on call in order to eliminate unnecessary haul charges.
This service is ideal for midsize to large multi-tenant buildings, manufacturing facilities, distribution warehouses, corporate campuses. Charges include compactor rental (unless owned by customer) and haul charge.
Baler Service
You gather material and feed the baler to make bales that are at least 800 pounds or more. You then will stage the bales in a dropped trailer (provided by Balcones) or in your facility until there is a full load. Baled commodities generate higher revenue in comparison to compacted or loose commodities. Baler service is not appropriate for every customer. We must evaluate your volume, labor and space to see if you are a candidate for this service.
This service is ideal for large manufacturing and/or distribution facilities, business that produce a large volume of materials, transfer stations, and small to mid-size recyclers. Charges include baler rental (unless owned by customer), baling wire, and haul charge.
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